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Going from Ha-Ha to 'WTF' in 3.2 seconds

One of my cousins that lives behind enemy lines in Massachusetts was recently venting about this article in The Boston Globe: Patrick to Push for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Being in a hurry and not feeling detail oriented at the time, I dropped a little note about how bad it sucks to be him living in Massachusetts.  His reply was that I read the whole article, especially this sentence: 

   'However, several states, including California, Illinois,  New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin allow undocumented students to attend state colleges at in-state tuition rates.'

And then get back to him about how bad it sucks to be me.  

I had no idea this was going on in Washington.  I am completely and totally flabbergasted.  Maybe my terminolgy is not up to the task...what I am hoping this article means is that people who illeagally immigrated but are now legal U.S. Citizens that pay taxes and have social security numbers can get in-state tuitions at state colleges.  Not that illeagal immigrants, still in this country and The State of Washington NOT legally, NOT paying taxes WITHOUT social security numbers are taking advantage of a Tax-Payer supplemented education at a state school.  

I mean, to tell the truth, I don't understand how it that an illegal alien, in this country ILLEGALLY, and participating in ILLEGAL activity just by residing in this state at all, gets to attend college at a state university AT ALL, let alone for for less money per year than someone LEGALLY living in say...Idaho. We aren't talking just a small amount of cash either.  With the 14% per year tuition increases the last few years here in Washington, I can't remember for the life of me exact numbers, but I want to say it's about $10000 less a year to go to a state school for Resident Prices than non-resident.  (pretty close WSU's website says $8562/year Resident, 19634/year non-resident. 

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