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Driving safe and sane

Before jumping in the truck to head back to Richland Sunday afternoon, I joked to SWMBO that if she wanted to make my life interesting, she would give me a half-hour head start, then call the police and report that my truck had been stolen out of my driveway, making sure she gave the police a rough description of the things I had packed in my truck. 

There are certain things we own that I would prefer not to have to rely on the moving company to move for us.  Things like our firearms, ammunition and alcohol.  So, Sunday, I loaded up a fair amount of alcohol, most of the ammunition we have on hands, and a couple of guns into the truck to start moving some of those things over.  Wife tipping the police off aside, I did drive a little slower than I usually do.  Other times I have made the trip from Belfair-Richland, I usually keep it at about 80 plus or minus a few MPH most of the way between North Bend and Richland, allowing for a slight decrease, as safety in the Passes require.  This time, I set the cruise control about 73MPH and just went along for the ride.

Part of me wishes I was a little more adventurous though.  Legally, I wasn't violating anything.  All 4 guns I had with me were closed up(not locked, but closed) in their cases.  The twelve 5ths of alcohol I had was all in unopened bottles, so they couldn't have gotten me for open container laws.  Finally, there is no rule against transporting large amounts of ammunition, that I am aware of.  I would love to see what the newspapers had to say though...rough guess is I had somewhere around 120 pounds of ammo in the truck with me.  Lacking the presence of my wife and darling children, I may just take a complete inventory some night this week to keep from being too bored. 

I am trying to remember how I ended up with 200 rounds of 20ga skeet loads though...

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