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Happy Birthday!

It should go without saying that someone who was Miss World, 1994, and has been declared the Most Beautiful Woman in the World several times, is going to be attractive, but today's Happy Birthday goes out to Aishwarya Rai, and gosh...is she pretty or what?

Yeah, I know it's quite possible that there is some airbrushing in that picture of her all done up, so her is another example:

That one was taken just this morning when she go out of the shower at my apartment.(just kidding honey...I kicked her out before snuggle time...you are the only one I do that with).

Anyway...she's pretty.  But there are lots of pretty girls in the world.  Why does she get a special call out?

She has lead me to form one of my basic Woman Theories.  In this case, it was the decision on my part that The Most Beautiful Women in the world(or even most of the good looking people in the world) are usually some kind of a cross-racial mix. 

Part of what makes Aishwarya stand out so much is her eyes.  Being Indian, one can be pretty close to certain that somewhere in her background, some British Colonial must have added a little something to her gene pool to give her those eyes.  This is not to say you can't be beautiful if you are a pure Indian...there are many, many pretty women in the Bollywood film industry...

And it's not just India...In My Humble Opinion, every racial base benefits from a little bit of mixing...it's one of the things that make American Girls the hottest in the World(especially my wife)(except for italians...Sophia Loren was perfect and needed nothing else mixed in).  Mix some Native American with some Irish Red-Hair, and some dark Greek Mediterranean skin, and it's neat to see what comes out. 

Take a little Guyana(Guyanese?), Barbados and Ireland stock, and you get yourself some Rihanna.

Throw a little Catalan, Italian and Lebanese in the blender, and out pops some Shakira. 

There are very few women you could convince me are better looking than either Skakira(her Hips Don't Lie!) or Rihanna. 

So, there is my theory.  End result, Aishwarya Rai is a ravishing 37-years old today...I hope I look that good when I am 37-years old. 

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  1. This chick reminded Justin of a very funny music video...enjoy:


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