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Couple face fine for removing trees near Spokane River

This kind of chaps my hide.  The rules themselves are dumb...I hate rules telling people what they can and can't do with the property....but rules I see as dumb get passed every day. 

My real problem here is with loyal Party Member Guy Gardner, who out for a walk, found the downed trees, and felt it was his duty to report this 'amazingly irresponsible' act of cutting down trees which are not the least bit endangered in the hills around Spokane. 

The article says that the action was not clearly visible to the public, so dude, MIND YOUR OWN F-ING BUSINESS!  What are you doing taking your morning walk through their property?

If they had gone on to state land, or someone else's property to do this....then they are bad, bad people.  They simply cleared a few trees that had grown taller and were blocking their view of the river.

I'm sure everyone feels safer now.

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