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A habit I need to break.

So...Friday afternoon found me sitting in a dentists chair, again.  Apparently, we didn't get all the evil sprits out of my tooth on Monday.  I felt much better Tuesday, and then a little better still on Wednesday(and it wasn't just the Christmas Spirit(spirits). 

Thursday, stuff started to change in mouth(maybe I'm allergic to work!).  While I had been aware of my tooth Wednesday...it was more of a pressure/fatigue feeling than pain.  On Thursday, the ache was back, and as the day progressed the ache started shifting to periods of full blown pain, to the point that I was laying awake in bed at 2:30 Friday morning...just like I had over the prior weekend. 

Friday morning was even worse. Between 02:30 and 9:00, I had already taken my 'recommended 24-hour limit' of ibuprofen and I had a decision to make...do nothing, and hope that my body could turn what was happening around on it own, or call my dentist back.  What made up my mind is that fact that it was already Friday morning.  If I had done nothing, and things didn't improve, then I would have been screwed all weekend.

So...the dentist went back into my tooth, and flushed everything out again.  He said the inside of the tooth looked okay, but there was signs of inflammation and 'weepage' from under the tooth, so he prescribed me a round of amoxicillin, and this time I said 'yes' when he asked if I wanted a prescription for something stronger than an OTC pain medicine.

Hopefully, the 2nd time is the charm...I don't want to have do this a 3rd time(although, I do on the 16th of January when I actually see the specialist...I'm sure he's going to go back in again to poke around...my poor gum line from being jabbed with the Novocain needle.)

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  1. Hope you have a easier, less expensive experience then I had. Mine went something like this, toothache, filling, toothache, root canal, toothache, endodontic surgery with crown, toothache, implant. Now this whole thing took roughly 15 years and most of that time was after the surgery when I was told that it should last about 8 years and I got 12 out of it before needing the implant. But it all started because I neglected my teeth for a few years when I thought I could get away with just brushing and flossing and not seeing a dentist or dental hygienist.