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I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy, and I lack the enlightenment to think of boys choosing to play with dolls, or girls choosing to play with footballs.  Not that girls can't toss a football, or boys can't play with dolls(or 'action figures')...I just think even in 2013, if you have a table with a football, or a doll on it, greater than 90% of kids are going to pick along 'traditional' lines.

Now, this doesn't apply to all toys, or even most toys.  My daughters have stuffed animals, and dolls, and a dress-up clothes bin...but the dress-up bin isn't just princess clothing...it's got detective gear and werewolf masks in it also.  I would estimate that video games, Lego's and tinker toys occupy over 2/3rds of their time...and those are gender neutral as things can be. 

All of this is to point out that for Hanukkah, I got my girls new Nerf guns, and I was NEVER tempted to get them anything from the new Rebelle line. 

I don't blame the Nerf folks for trying to cash in on 'The Hunger Games' by strapping cross-bow braces onto their Nerf guns, or creating a neat little Nerf Bow...but I'm pretty sure that the bow Katniss used in 'The Hunger Games' didn't have pink and purple trim. 

Nope...my daughters got the Nerf Sidearm Blaster.  Now...it's not the fanciest blaster in their line up...but it's a load of fun.  What I like is that just like my Black Hawk, you can hold the trigger down and the gun will fire as fast as you can cock it. 

Hopefully Santa brings me something so I can play with the girls. 

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