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Christmas List

Yeah, we were just thankful for everything we have, and here I am being all material...but my wife wants a wish list for me, and this seems like as good a place as any to put it. May be it will give someone else an idea.  Had to get done in time for Cyber Monday.

First off...I want a kilt.   Now...keep in mind that in junior high school, I wanted to grow a rat tail in my hair 2 years after all the other kids started growing them...and about 6 months before everyone cut them off. What I'm saying is, I am not the most up-to-date on trends...but I know more than one person who wears a kilt.  I am 100% certain that the folks at Utilikilt make a great product...but if I asked for one from there, there would be no presents for anyone else. Rather, a few of my buddies have bought kilts from U.T. Kilts, and they have been very satisfied with them.  Waist size 42...color...anything other than blue/black/grey...which leaves several shades of khaki and green. 

Books:  There are several series that I am reading that I have been unable to locate the next book of at the used book stores...and spending $10 on a book for myself this close to Christmas is out of the question.  But, as a gift, well, that's different.  I have read through the 6th book, Blood Rites of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.  Book 7 is called  'Dead Beat', and book 8 is 'Proven Guilty'.  I can also use the 3rd book of John Ringo's Troy Rising series: 'The Hot Gate'. 

The big thing, and in the real world I am not sure if the budget is going to stretch this far this year, is a 6-position Recoil Reducing Stock for my Mossberg 500. Something like the Blackhawk Spec Ops 2(also here).   This would be a nice toy.

More important, and affordable in the shooting sports realm, would be some noise canceling electronic earmuffs.  I'm sure there are nicer ones out there, but Harbor Freight has some for under $14(either online or in the local store here in Richland).  A guy at the local range had a set of these very muffs...and for the price, he was extremely happy with them.

Let's see...if I am getting a kilt, I am going to need some new socks.  Not necessarily thick, HOT wool socks...but some socks that would look appropriate sticking out the top of my boots I will wear with my kilt.

Finally, in the world of emergency equipment...I need a jack for my truck.  Would I LOVE a 48" or 60" Hi-Lift X-Treme...you betcha'!  But...that falls more in the category of actual 'tool'(jack, clamp, winch and Jaws of Life)...I really just need a simple bottle jack...something like this 4-ton unit(also available at Harbor Freight...or Amazon, or Walmart).

As always, if all else fails, one can never have enough knives or flashlights. 


  1. Aye,,, the kilt.
    Just wear where appropriate.

  2. I got the 60" and really I think its not going to do much of anything the 48" wont do and take up less space doing it. Check out their 'rescue' version of the hi-lift. THATS the one you want.