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Straight Cash, Homey.

This whole Target thing has made me realize something...I think my wife, and I, along with a few rap stars, are the only ones who carry cash anymore. 

Not me.
Now...part of this feeling comes from the fact that the people who got screwed on this are bitching about it, so you hear it at work and see it on facebook, while the people who didn't get screwed(other than me) are staying quiet and not bragging about it.

I'm not opposed to credit/debit cards.  I have a credit card that I use for online stuff, and emergencies.  Once upon a time, my bank tried to give me a debit card, and I cut it up and threw it in the trash, because I didn't like the idea(this was 6-7 years ago).  There have been one or two times(mostly at gas stations where a debit card would have allowed me to 'fill up at the pump' without needing to walk through nasty weather) where I wish I had a debit card...but I still don't think I would use for every-day spending.  I like money.  I tell myself it's easier to see what I'm spending.  Forking over a handful of 20's hurts me more than swiping a card would. 

None of this means I might not make a suicidal 'weekend before Christmas' visit to Target this weekend to save 10%...

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