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Didn't realize we were paying for that...

The world seems to still be moving pretty slow out there...I guess the place where I work isn't the only place that doesn't try to get much done over the holidays.  That means there have been a distinct lack of news stories to catch my eyes...and my ire.

So, we'll just have to roll with this one out of Oregon, about the hand wringing by the wind farm industry due to an expiring tax credit. 

This would fall into the category of 'things I didn't realize I was paying for'.  Since the hills and ridge lines of Eastern Washington are increasingly covered in wind turbines, there is a very good chance my local energy rate(a bit over 6 cents a kilowatt-hour), is being supplemented by this credit.  Do I want to pay 30% more on my electric bill each month?  No....but that doesn't mean a I think folks in Alabama should be paying to supplement my wind farm's up here!  Even though I'm willing to bet that part of my taxes are going to supplement something I would find equally upsetting in the south, if I am too lazy to go research that.

It's especially upsetting because to the best of my knowledge, the nuclear power industry is simply begging for permission to build new plants...I don't think they are asking for tax credits to create a 'safe business environment'. 

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