Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Three times a lady!

Yesterday was a pretty A-Okay day.  Our daughters were going on a Homelink(the alternate learning experience program my wife goes through for homeschooling) field trip to the SAGE Center(Sustainable Agriculture and Energy), which meant after we dropped them off at the bus at 7am, my wife and I were going to have several hours to ourselves.

We started off by heading to a local bagel shop, for a light breakfast and some life sustaining beverage, where I decided my wife looks better before her coffee and under fluorescent lights than I do all day.

After that, we swung home and loaded up the truck for a trip to the range. 

I don't get my wife out shooting enough, although she has mentioned that now that I have renewed our family membership at the local range, she might even swing up there by herself on Wednesdays when she has a 4 hour block that the kids are in co-op type classes. 

.22's are her preference, and right now, her preferred gun for carrying in her Walther P22.  We also have a Firestorm .380 that I wish she liked more...but it's snappier, and actually the trigger is not as nice as it is on the Walther.  I'd rather she be able to hit with the .22 than miss with .380(which isn't actually a death ray anyways).  Where I am not John McClain, she is not Evelyn Salt, and neither gun will turn her into that...but should she need to shoot, 3 or 4 rounds of .22 in a bad guys face/chest should give her the opportunity to break contact.

Following shooting, it was back home to pick up the kids, and do some housework while waiting for our baby-sitter to show up, so we could go on a 3rd date of the day. 

For dinner, we went to this place in Kennewick we had never tried before, Pho Le.  Pho(Vietnamese Soup) is one of my wife's favorite things, and Pho Le which opened up about a year ago, has been getting pretty good reviews on yelp, which it lived up to.  The Pho was done right, with the thin sliced beef raw so it could finish cooking in front of you. The spring roles were also good, as was the Vietnamese Iced Coffee my wife drinks like it's crack(they bring a rig to your table so you can drip brew your strong coffee right onto a cup full of sweetened condensed milk, which you then pour over ice.  It's just a little sweet, like my wife.

All fed and caffeinated, it was time to go to our last stop...the Project 13 Haunt in Pasco.  It was not the scariest haunted house I have been to; The town of Belfair where we used to live was 'lucky' enough to have a few scrap yards in town, and one of them used to set up a Haunted Junkyard each year, and it rocked, but...Project 13 was well done.  Inside, the stuff was fairly standard...but the best part was the pacing...at no part did my wife and I catch up to group ahead of us, or get run over by the group behind us, which is nice.  Now...we were also on the early side...it might be as the night goes on, they have to send groups through on shorter intervals, but when we went through, they were still giving each group about a 4-5 minute spacing.

 Then it was bed time.  Having to drop the girls off at 7 for their field trip meant it was an early day for us, and neither my wife now I were in any kind of shape to stay out super late...but in retrospect, I think I used the wrong terminology earlier...the day was WAY better than okay. 

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