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Someplace else doesn't want my money!

With Washington State having very strong anti-preemption laws(localities can't make gun laws more restrictive than the states law), Seattle's newest mayor, Mike McGinn is finally giving up trying to pass potentially expensive law-suit susceptible laws in Seattle, and is now encouraging business owners to declare their business to become gun free, establishing a 'gun-free zone' in Seattle.

Yesterday, a (dubious) milestone was reached, with the 100th Business  joining the mayor's efforts, Big Picture Theater.

Hey...a business owner has that right...and as gun owners, we have the right to vote with our wallet.  Luckily, they have provided us an easy to reference list of the companies that don't want our business, right on their website!

It's too long for me to want to post the list directly here...but if you find yourself visiting Seattle, you might want to look at the list.  I know I did...and a few of them make me kind of sad...Spud's Fish and Chips is some of the best fish and chips I've ever had...it is the standard to which I measure other fish and chips...but hey, if they don't want my business, they don't need to have it. 

The same thing goes for the Tangletown Elysian Brewpub...which is actually going to cause me to have to write a letter...I need to find out of this is a decision by the brewpub itself, or if the whole Elysian Empire is looking to lose my business.  They make some tasty beer, but it feels like there is a brewery a week opening in the Northwest. 

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  1. you also have the right to ignore the business owner when he acts ignorant since he has no ability to enforce his "policy" any more than he can tell black customers to use the back door. They don't see the irony that they would need to hire armed guards to police their no arms policy or totally depend on the cooperation of gun owners to obey them.