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Just a little spoiled.

It's been fairly...brisk the last few morning, temperatures hovering(and even dipping a bit below) the freezing point.  That has me feeling kind of bad for the chickens.  Everything I've read says they handle cold weather fairly okay, and I have a few things I can do to help them out when things get really cold, still...I feel bad for them, waking up to their cold pellets and crumble.

So, yesterday, I made them up a batch of oatmeal, mixing some apple sauce into it for them.

This morning, I made them more warm food, nuking up some leftover mac and cheese/venison burger.


The funny part was watching them jump on the burger...heck, I couldn't get the camera going in time. My daughter had a pretty good theory on why they like the venison burger so much:
'Well dad, chickens evolved from therapod-type dinosaurs...and deer are a prey animal, so it's only natural that the chickens predatory instincts kicked in.'


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  2. Grrrrrr....it is way to easy to delete posts...it doesn't even ask you 'are you sure you wanted to hit that button with the laptop mouse pad?'

    Brigid, I try to avoid giving them anything that is mostly egg/chicken, although I have given them left over fried rice before, that had some scrambled eggs in it.