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Paging Andy Rooney.

Why is it that I just can't go to the store and buy regular, plain old light bulbs?  The folks we bought this house from must have decided they wanted to stick to whoever bought the house from them, because the only thing in this house that uses 'standard' incandescent bulbs are the table lamps we brought with is. 

The spot lights in the kitchen and living room use the funky GU10 base bulbs.  Overhead fan lights use a circular 22-watt fluorescent light, OR an incandescent with a smaller 'candelabra base', while today I learned that the security lights out front have a funky G8-type bi-pin base. 

I'm smart enough(and I have learned my lessons) that I bring an example of the bulb I need to replace to the store with me.  Today, that didn't help.  Next time you are at the hardware store, take a look at the 'specialty lights'...there are about 6 different type of 'bi-pin' bases...G4, G6, GX6.35, GY6.5, G8, G9.5...and I'm sure there are more. 

Of course, the bulb I pulled before going to the store this morning wasn't labled around the base...but I wasn't worried...I mean, how hard can it be to find the right type of bi-pin base bulb?(read the paragraph above again.'

Grrr.  Of course, I picked the wrong kind. The G6 base looked right, but when I swapped out the 2nd bulb...it was labled G8.  Grrrrr.  Back to the store.  Would it have mattered?  I don't know.  I'm not willing to risk it for a bulb that is mostly on when I am asleep, and not able to quickly identify any problems. 

I'm going back to oil lamps. 

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