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Better be some good burgers...

Spokane Valley homeowner detains alleged burglar at gunpoint

A Spokane Valley homeowner caught a burglar trying to break into his home Tuesday night and detained him at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Devin Hughes, 19, Gage Hughes, 18, and Darien Rhoads, 18, all were booked into Spokane County Jail on suspicion of second-degree burglary, a news release said.

Deputies got a weapons call around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and went to the 10000 block of East Sands Road. They took Devin Hughes into custody and found a black ski mask and a knife, the release said.

The homeowner caught Hughes attempting to break into his garage and detained him at gunpoint.
Hughes told deputies that his brother, Gage Hughes, and their friend, Darien Rhoads, had been with him and fled the scene. A deputy found them a short time later, walking down Highway 27.

Devin Hughes also told deputies that the three men had burglarized two other homes that evening, but he wasn’t sure where they were located, the release said. Deputies found Hughes’ car at the Sands Road home and saw beef patties, a box of steaks and other food items inside the car

They robbed two other houses, and all they found in the car were burgers, steaks and 'other food items'?  Doesn't seem worth going up against armed homeowners for. 

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