Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Probably didn't have anything to damage.

Good on fighting back with what you had, boo because he is still running around out there. 

Vancouver woman smacks intruder with dumbbell

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Police in Vancouver say a 48-year-old woman smacked an intruder in the head with a dumbbell after he entered her home through the garage and made sexual comments.
The Columbian reported that police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said the woman initially thought someone she knew was coming home, then saw a male stranger in his 20s walk into her living room Tuesday afternoon.
Kapp said the intruder reportedly grabbed the woman's legs and made sexual comments. That prompted her to pick up a nearby hand weight and hit him in the head. He ran back out the way he came in.
A K-9 unit searched but did not find the man.
The unidentified woman was not hurt and nothing was taken.
I wonder what size weight she used...it's just like caliber wars...'if you had had a 10 pound weight instead of one of those wimpy 5-pounders, you'd have had a one shot stop!'

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