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Circle of life.

Got to drive to Wapato today to pick up my second deer.  She was a little bigger than the first one, yielding 10 pounds more of venison.  The first one I did strictly steaks, chops and ground...this time I had 10 them do steaks, chops, 10 pounds of Italian sausage, and then do the rest as ground.

All total, the two does I shot this year gave us just over 80 pounds of venison in the freezer. For comparison, my boss shot a decent 4-point whitetail buck this last week, and I am sure he will get at least 80 pounds from that one deer...but mine is more tender. 

While there, I also picked up some of the butcher shops usual fare, including bacon cheddar brats, and beef bacon, which I have never tried before.  Reports on how that tastes to follow. 

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