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Offer accepted

I've never been what you would call a hard negotiator.  I hate dealing with sales people, and just want most buying experiences to be done as quickly as possible.  For major purchases, I do the minimum research necessary to ensure I am not going to get flat out screwed, and am willing to pay more than rock bottom to wrap things up. 

Combining this self-identified lack of a 'negotiating gene' with the fear that our house might NEVER sell(despite the fact that it had only been on the market 3 months, over the holidays, at the tail end of one of the worst housing markets my generation will see) and there was ZERO chance I was going to play hard-ass with the offer to buy our house.  With them already offering full asking price, the only thing I really could have done was try to talk them down on what they wanted us to cover of  their closing prices.  But, the was I am looking at it is, I had already convinced myself that I would not have flinched at accepting five or six thousand less than we had been asking...so, why worry about this closing cost thing.

Besides...if I HAD played Mr. Hard Ass, and the deal fell through...it might have been a chance to finally figure out just what the worst thing is my wife could do to me.

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  1. I don't know if you are in an area where it's common practice to have an attorney look over your real estate contracts, but do it anyway - prevent surprises. The stress of waiting on the inspection and wondering what it's going to "cost" is the worst part of the transaction, but with a full price offer, you're in a great starting position. Relax and keep reminding yourself that an imperfect pending contract is much better than NO contract. All things considered, your situation couldn't get much better! Good luck!