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Keeping our fingers crosssed...

When I got home from work today, my wife was talking on the phone to her sister.  Hmph.  No hug for me.  Instead of taking off my coat, I bebopped back outside to take out the trash, and this time when I hit the door my wife was saying her goodbyes to her sister, and I got a hug.

After my hug, she said that while she had been talking to her sister, our real estate agent had tried to call her on the phone, so while I got comfortable, she was was going to give him a call.  Long story short...We got an offer on the house!!!!!!  It was a full price offer, with us covering the buyers closing costs.  Once upon a time, I might have wavered and tried some kind of counter offer here, but really, I just want to be out from under this house.  The only real negative is that while my new company helps to cover most closing costs, it is done as reimbursement, which means we might need to come up with a little bit of cash at closing, that will later get paid back to us.  Fine...we can handle it.

Now the only thing to survive is the house inspection...that's me, always focusing on the positive. 

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