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If you can't beat it, buy a new one.

After my battle against the evil free router, I finally gave up, and stopped at office depot to pick up a brandy new router, that came with a helpful install disk and everything.  20 minutes after getting home, we had wireless internet.  Of course, that roped me into having to hook the Wii up after dinner, but that was pretty painless, as was downloading the netflix software on to it.  Yay.  Now my wife can watch netflix stuff on the big TV, while I play on the computer.

Another advantage of hitting the store on the way home is that I was able to make a quick stop into Ace Hardware.  Now...I'm really not much better with power tools than I am with free routers, but the Ace Hardware stores here in Richland have a fairly decent selection of firearms.  What really impressed me was their selection of black guns. From Ruger they have both the SR-22 and SR-556.  S&W offerings include both the M&P-15, and the 15-22.  What really intrigued me though was the DPMS AR they had in stock.  I went to the DPMS website, and don't see the exact model they had in stock at the store, but...it was a nice little 16-inch carbine with a 6 position stock.  Pretty generic, run of the mill A-Forgery, but what threw me for a loop was the price. 

The sticker said $718.

Now....I'm going to admit, that the last time I was really looking at AR prices was over a year ago.  Between being in New York, then moving...I really haven't had a lot of chances(or excuses) to be curious.  At that time, you still couldn't find an AR for under $1000.  To find this one, in stock(and there were 2 of them!) for $718...I was kind of surprised.  Right now, waiting for the house to sell in Belfair...I really can't bring myself to buy it.  As Dana Carvey used to say 'It wouldn't be prudent at this juncture'. 

My 10th wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching though...and it can't be a coincidence that the income tax return money should be in a few weeks before that. 

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  1. Yeah, we're planning to use part of the tax refund for much the same purpose. If ARs have come down that much, I might have to point the guy in the direction of one.