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Wow, hey...how you doing?

So yeah, about that whole blog thing...been a few days. 

I can blame it on two things...rehearsals, and a failure to pre-stage a few generic posts during those slow times I do have. 

The show opens this Friday night, so we started out this week with dress rehearsals.  Because we are essentially running two casts of principals, we are running through the show twice a night at rehearsals. Since it is an outdoor production, we have to move all the props and set pieces in and out of storage each night(that is one advantage of two crews...more hands to move stuff...it really only takes 12-15 minutes each direction). It's still a long rehearsal...Tuesday and Wednesday we were there from 4:15 to almost 10:30.  Outside. 

It was 99 degrees yesterday at 6pm.

Long days...I leave for work at 5:30.  I was actually then leaving work an hour early and swinging by the house for a touch and go to pick up my daughter, before heading right to rehearsal...essentially working a double shift. 

It's been worth it though.  Each run through was better than the one before it.  Some things you just can't anticipate in practice.  We had a lot of costume change hick-ups the first time though...there are a few quick changes for the kids in this show, and until they do it once or twice with assigned assistants.

I don't have to worry about costume changes...I only wear costume for my scenes. 

I don't think Sean Connery is worried. 

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