Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



Well, another one in the books.  Last night was the last showing of Sound of Music, and it went well.  My daughter was 6-6 on remembering her lines and owning the scene she was in. 

Now tonight, I get to sit back and do nothing.  Except cook dinner for the kids(fried matzoh), and help do some laundry(most of it mine) and then sip some fine Barnard Griffin 2009 Syrah Port while watching the MLB Home Run Derby.


Of course, the reason I am doing all this is because my wife is busy making tissue paper flowers/pom-poms for my moms wedding this weekend.  By this time of year, a lot of the flowers in my moms yard are done blooming, so we are going to slide these tissue paper flowers in the Rhodies to give a pop of color. 

I also am predicting that I will be horizontal by 9:00 tonight. 

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