Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


I'm blaming the camera

One of the things my wife does when she can stand to be apart from me is play bunco with a great group of ladies. Twice a year, once at a summer picnic and once at a Christmas Party, the Men-Folk are allowed to play. 

Usually, our host provides the main course, and other folks bring either sides or deserts.  In the past, I have brought such things as Brigid's Bacon Butterscotch Brownies with Salted Glaze, Brigid's Guinness Brownies, and The Best Brownies in the World, and the Best Brownies EVER, so I have a reputation to live up to.  I didn't feel like desert though, so I decided to wing it with some Smoked Jalapeno Poppers.

Yeah, they don't look like much in the pan, but...they were pretty okay.


Well, start by splitting the jalapeno's.  Since I am not a huge heat guy, I use a spoon to get out the seeds and most of the ribs.  Then, you stuff them.  For my filling I used two packages of Neufchatel Cheese(it's healthy!)(well, not as unhealthy as cream cheese), and then whipped in one pound of hot pork sausage that I had browned up.  It turned out to be too much filling...I started with 20 jalapenos, and had about 1/3rd of the filling mixture left.  I might or might not have tried eating it all with a spoon, and might or might not have been defeated by too much richness.

Then you take your stuffed half a jalapeno, and in theory, you wrap it with bacon.  That theory only works with thin bacon though.  The thick-cut stuff I had was tougher to wrap, so for most of the poppers, I just draped a blanket of bacon over the top, and tooth-picked it into place.

Place said poppers on the grill for oh...about an hour.  Seems long, but I used indirect heat, with lots of wood chips.  The cheese does a fine job of absorbing smoky goodness.

I was pretty popular...until the next morning. 

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