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Well, now we wait.

Had an audition tonight for the Mid-Columbia Master Singers...it was a more nerve racking audition than any of the ones I had previously done for the musicals I have been in.  It was much more technical...instead of a 30-40 second section of a song, you had to be ready to do a 2-3 minutes solo, and some sight reading, and some vocalizes, and then sing part of 2 other excerpts.

Worst of all, it was specified that the solo piece could NOT be from a musical, or other 'popular' source...eliminating 113% of songs that I already knew.  The last time I had to sing 'chamber' choir type music was DECADES ago when I was in high school, and none of those were accompanied solos, so...I had to learn something new in two weeks.

Thank gosh for the internet. I love you, Al Gore.

By opening up a choral sheet music supplier website, and bouncing the available titles of songs off of youtube, I was able to find a song I felt was within my capabilities, and I figured since it was written in the 1600's, it wasn't 'popular'(Come Again, by John Dowland).  After making that decision, I was also able to use youtube to find the tenor part of the excerpts I had to do(His Yoke is Easy from The Messiah, and Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem.

Or at least,  I thought I had learned them.  It seems that singing along with a practice track on youtube is not quite the same as singing along with a real piano accompanist.  I had a few hic-ups, but did decent on the solos and excerpts.  I also believe I did really good on the vocalizes.

As for the sight reading exercises...well, dang...let's face it...I wasn't that good at that back in high school, and as you would guess, a skill does not improve by not using it for 20 years.

But...I believe that I did show a good ear, and on the things I did have a problem with, I showed a rapid improvement.

We'll see...the results should be out later on this week.

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