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The ground has gone sour.

In Pet Semetary, since Louis is to dumb to figure it out himself after his cat comes back as Satan, the ghost of Victor Pascow warns him off, saying that the 'ground has gone sour'. 

I know how he feels.

Tomato Example #1:

Zucchini Example #1:
Tomato and Zucchini Examples #2:

Hmmm....there is something different here...wish I could spot what it is...

Holy Moly.  Actually, I do know what the difference is, and it pains me.  It pains me because I am usually someone who doesn't care what brand of something I get...I try to pretend that they are all the same.  But in this case, the difference is a brand...Miracle Grow.  All those years, I ignored/didn't believe the pictures of huge gardens that the Miracle Grow folks put in their adds. 

Man, do I feel dumb(especially because I'm not a big enough blog to make any money off this confession.)

So...yeah.  The first two pictures are the beds I did last year....I've hashed it out before, but it was the cheapest garden soil that Home Depot sold.  I mixed in some chicken manure compost in the off season, hoping it would make a difference...but not much of one. 

The surprising thing is that, it's not like the new beds are ALL Miracle Grow.  They are 50% generic garden/top soil, and then 25% generic 'compost' and 25% Miracle Grow garden soil. 

That is the only difference.  The plants are plants I started from seed and then put in the ground at the same time...the beds get the same amount of water, and within percentage points of the same amount of light.

The evidence is even harder to ignore in my peppers.

The top ones are just beginning to flower...the ones in the container have 7 or 8 Anaheim Peppers just waiting for me to be brave enough to try homemade chile relleno's.

I am already thinking I am just going to rip out my struggling tomatoes, and start a couple of beans/kale for a fall crop. 

After I mix in some Miracle Grow(which I am willing to test for free and review, if they want me too!)

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  1. Miracle Gro is good stuff. Since Dad can't garden any more, I cut a couple barrels in half and put them on a bench on his deck with a good mixture of planting soil and he has his little tomato plants he can water and tend without bending over. AT least you HAVE a garden. With everything that happened this spring, I didn't get one in and am kicking myself every time I go to the grocery.