Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Sounds like a better day than I had!

Long week. Rehearsals Tuesday/Wed night, and then tonight we had the first of 4 shows in a row.  The nice part about tonight was that our Number 1 and 2 fans(my wife and older daughter) came to see the show...which meant flowers for my daughter, and a picture. 

I still think I look like the bouncer at an upscale strip-club. 

After the show, I couldn't just go right to bed, so while I had my night cap(a glass of Goose Ridge Riesling ) I searched the internet machine for something to blog about...and found it courtesy of the Kitsap Sun's police blotter:

Lewd conduct, 1000 Kitsap Lake Road: Officers were called July 7 for a man lying nude on the railroad tracks. Police arrived to find him in that state of undress while engaged in sexual activity with himself. Officers told him to put on clothes and, after finding he was wanted for a probation violation, took him to jail. A bag with him was found to contain methamphetamine and related paraphernalia.

I think it's the terminology...Engaged in Sexual Activity with himself, lying on the railroad tracks...kind of takes auto-erotic asphyxiation to the next level.

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  1. Choo... choo! Blow that whistle.

    I thank God, every day, that back when I thought ending it was my job, I kept it... simple. And... have a one track mind. There is crazy and then there is... well... crazy. To be fair, mine was from losing my career to health issues that weren't properly diagnosed and the pains of having an otherwise healthy body with a heart that failed almost instantly. That... hurts. Imagine driving a race car at top speed and having the drive shaft drop. Drugs are a whole other ball of wax. A cross I am glad to not be required to bear.

    I'll send a prayer for the man, and hope he lives long enough to find the fix... and chuckle, himself, at the tale. Time, enough of it, makes many things, perhaps all things... funny. Trust me.