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Imperial = Ass Kicker

Usually in the summer months, I prefer a lighter beer, but today, I was feeling spunky, and while I was staring at the 30-taps at Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits, I asked for a recommendation on something 'dark'. 

'Dark' doesn't begin to describe the No-Li Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout I went home with. 

I tried taking a picture, but the beer acted like a singularity...it was SOOOOOO dark in my glass that light would not escape to allow my digital camera to work.

It packs a bit of a wallop too...9.5% ABV...but it's not all effect...there is a lot of flavor there too.

All I know is I bought a 32oz 'grunt'(or 'squealer' I have heard them called) and drank about 2/3rds of it(figure two 12 ounce glasses), and ummm...yeah...if I was at a bar and had drank two of these, I would have had to switch to coffee for an hour to even think of driving.

Luckily, I am at home. 

Party on Wayne.

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