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Count to 10 next time, dad.

With hunting season only two months away, I took my daughter to the gun range again yesterday. 

Her accuracy is getting there...she is not flinching anymore, and she is consistently minute-of-venison.

From the bench.

Yesterday, I brought a blanket to the range, and after she had practiced for a bit from the bench, I lay the blanket out, and told her it was time to start practicing from the ground, since there aren't many benches out in the woods and wheat fields. 

She was not receptive to the idea.  I showed her two or three ways that I find comfortable, and she kept insisting that none of them were comfortable for her, and that she would rather shoot standing up than sitting down.


So, I let her stand up, and I handed her the gun.  She then complained that the gun was shaking too much.

You don't say.

So, I told her to get back down on the ground and find a position that DID feel comfortable for her. She kept wanting to basically lay the gun across her lap and hunch over it...while I was trying to convince her to sit up, and pull the gun to her, instead of her going to the gun.

After about 5 minutes of back and forth, I finally let her do it her way.  I told her to get comfy, and when she was happy she could keep the gun on target, we would load it and let her try her position. 

Yup...you can guess how well it worked.  She was not happy with the physical result to her, or the result on the target.  And of course, I chose that time to lay it on thick, that maybe she should try it my way instead of arguing about what is and isn't comfortable.


And yeah, that also didn't work well.  It's really the first time I have lost my patience with her at the gun range...and we decided that maybe we would work on new positions at home in the comfort of the house. 

I also had a buddy last night that told me I could borrow one of these Primos Tripod Walking Sticks that he has. 

I think I might take him up on it.

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