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Trying to legislate an aswer to the wrong problem.

With the Washington Legislature in session, it's time to see what our lawfully elected politicians are doing with their time. 

Currently, it is shaping up like the current short legislative session is shaping up to be a major stalemate between the Democrat controlled House, and the Republican controlled Senate.  Since the biannual budget was set last year, a stalemate is about the best case.

One of the issues that looks like it is going to die this time around is what the Democrats are presenting as the Washington Voting Rights Act, which is going to 'Make Every Vote Count'.  Of course, trying to get to the bottom of what that means is tough.  Going to their own website in search of ammunition, I found that their 'fact sheet' link pops up dead.  Since the bill hasn't really been introduced yet, I'm forced to rely on the media.

According to The Olympian, this bill would force some localities(counties, cities, school districts) to split into districts, so that the minorities in those areas(usually grouped into geographic areas) can get representation that they might lose out on in 'at large' elections.

They point towards Yakima as an example.   With a population of over 90,000, it is estimated that over 40% of Yakima's population is Latino, but there has never been a Latino member of the City Council.  Most recently, a woman with a Latino last name lost a school board position to a lady who had dropped out of the race 60% to 40%.

So...obviously, combining those two statistics, the Democrats would like us to think that 100% of Caucasian voters voted against this Latino lady. 

What I can't find anywhere, is what percentage of that 40%+ Latino population is registered to vote...or did vote. 

How's about we tackle the low voter turnout problem, instead of changing how we do elections? Oh...because that would force the community leaders to get people involved, instead of using the government to split things up and give the minorities districts of their own.  Of course, when we do split into districts, we'll be accused of gerrymandering. 

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