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Better not be over...

Out here in the Northwest, we were spared the 'polar vortex' which hit the eastern two-thirds of the nation.  It's been pretty average for the last week, with in the mid-20's overnight, and approaching 40 during the day.  However, a storm front passed through this weekend, changing things up a bit...we had temperatures creeping into the upper 50's, but with sustained winds in the 30mph range, and gusts approaching 60mph, it felt chillier.

All of this lead one of the guys I work with to say 'Man, it does get windy here in the spring-time.' 

Gosh darn it...it's only the 2nd week in January...winter better not be over yet.  I haven't lived here long enough to totally understand when the seasons are going to change yet...but to my way of thinking, we should have at least one more single-digits type cold snap left before it really starts warming up. 

The last things I want is a week of temperatures in the mid-50's to convince my plum trees to start popping blossoms, which I then need to take extreme measures to try and save. 

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