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A milestone.

Big day for my older daughter today...we shipped her off to an all-day baby-sitting course. 

A few weeks ago, my wife and I made a trial run, and left her home with her sister for half-an-hour while we ran down to the local Starbucks.  That went well, so we decided that the baby-sitter/first aid class was a good next step. Not sure how much we will be leaving her alone with her sister yet...but now that she is getting older, it might not be necessary for her to have to pack up and head out just because her younger sister has an appointment.

While she was at the baby-sitting class, I ran to the store to complete another big step for her...buying a cell phone.  We don't have a land line, so the first time we went out, we left her mom's cell phone, which isn't going to always be convenient.

It's not a smart phone.  It's pretty darn dumb...in fact, my wife called it the type of phone you would only buy for a really old person, or a young one.  It already has my number, my wife's, and all three grand parents in it, which is really all she needs. 

Still...she is growing up.  I guess this is the 21st Century version of getting your first pair of long pants. 

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