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Congratulations to a lot of my friends over in the town of Kennewick, the southern most of the Tri-Cities.  After some hard campaigning, the Kennewick city council unanimously voted to allow the raising of chickens(I wish the picture in the article didn't show them running around someone's front yard!) on all 'residential low density' lots...which appears to be any place where you have less than 7 houses per acre, so a roughly .15 acre lot, which covers most lots with a 'normal' house, but not mobile home parks.

Previously, you had to have at least half-an-acre to own chickens in Kennwick, so this is a pretty good change, even if the revised law itself is still more limiting than what we have in Richland.

In Richland, chickens fall under the heading of 'pet', and you can have up to 5 'pets'.  If you choose to use all those spots on chickens, like we do outside, than you can have 5 chickens(and be FLOODED with eggs).  Kennewick let's you have a total of 6 'pets', but no more than THREE of them can be the same type. 

Nice to see more and more places allowing people to expand at least a little bit on their self reliance.

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