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Candle Power.

I was at Safeway today, and saw that once again, they were offering up one of my favorite stock up opportunities. 

Shabbos Candles!

I know that I have talked about these around here before...more than once.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record...if you can find these on clearance at one of your local grocery stores, I recommend you pick them up. 

I think that the Hebrew writing and Yiddish sounding name scares people away.  These are NOT Hanukah candles.  These are a plain white candle, 3.5 inches by 5/7's of an inch.  With a burn time of roughly 3 hours, they are very comparable to the generic 'survival candles', that cost A LOT more than the 6 cents a candle I paid for these. 

They aren't just candles though(well...they are, but)...they are 100% pure unscented, un-dyed paraffin...and with each box weighing 8 ounces, it's half the price Wal-Mart is asking for a pound of paraffin.  If you are into arts and crafts, you can melt them down and make your own pretty candles.  If you aren't into art and crafts, you can melt them down, and use the paraffin as a water proofing, or sealing material.

I don't have a problem...I don't!

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