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Bad Prepper...bad, bad, prepper.

I hate calling myself a 'prepper'.  Due to certain T.V. shows, and media stories, the term 'prepper' has become almost as perverted as 'Tea Partier'.

But, I am someone who tries to be ready for whatever might be ahead...and that includes stocking up on things when they are on sale.  Then they come into the house and get stuck...somewhere, because I am occasionally lacking in organization.

Now...fast forward to about two weeks ago.  The girls come in from playing in the thick frost on our yard(pretending it's snow), and they want some hot chocolate, but there is only one envelope of it left in the drawer.  No problem...I know there is some in the pantry.  Or maybe the bottom of the hutch in our living room.  Or if not there, then out in the garage.

But no...there is no hot cocoa in any of those places...so, the next day, while my wife is at the store, she buys two new cans.  Problem solved.

Fast forward again to today.  It's a day for cleaning and reorganizing.  While working in the laundry room, I find an unmarked cardboard box next to the spare laundry soap, and another box containing our broken Wii.

Oh yeah...that's where I put it. 

This is kind of the 2nd time this has happened recently.  A week or two ago, I found two 24-packs of AA batteries while cleaning the garage.  I blame it on laziness on my part when we moved in.  'Look, this will fit here!'  And there some things sat. 

Not anymore!  I have spent most of my afternoon going through different closets, and cabinets, and hutch's, making notes as I go, with a goal of spending my time watching the NFL playoffs creating an actual spread sheet on the computer to track where things are hidden, and how much there is of it.

Technology is our friend!

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