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Guess I'm committed now.

With a little bit of false spring in the air(temps have been around 50ish most of the last week) and gardening merchandise starting to show up in the stores, I have been doing some serious thinking about my garden plans this year.  I have even gone as far to doodle on a piece of paper, dividing up beds, and trying to count up the number of each plant I will need. 

The biggest decision of all, is, do I try to start stuff from seed, or do I just buy starts at the store, and transplant them.

After more than a little back and forth, I decided to break down and buy some seeds.  I think it was the pretty pictures in the Territorial Seed Companies catalogue that really helped make my decision for me. 

I have historically(we are really only talking 3 years here), not had very good luck with starting things from seeds.  Oh...I get a good success rate of seeds germinating...but I have had a horrible success rate of plants surviving the transplant process.  And that is why I am going to try again, even if it is a waste of resources and money. 

It's my totally uninformed opinion that any old monkey can drive to Home Depot and pick up a cart full of 4" starts to put into the ground...and that is fine, as long as Home Depot is there.  In the interest of self-reliance, I have a huge interest in proving to myself that I can start from seeds, and actually create food.  The last two years have me doubting that, and it's a skill I would rather learn now, where I can run out and hit Home Depot in May, after everything I transplant into the garden dies.

That's also another reason I ordered the seeds from Territorial.  I figure, if I am going to put the effort into this, I might as well start with a good product, and Territorial comes fairly well regarded in these parts.  I'm interested to see the difference between these seeds/plants, and the ones I get from the 99 cent bins at my local hardware store. 

More to follow...especially if I am successful. 

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