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Yeah...you can't escape the football on TV, and you aren't going to be able to escape it here.

My Patriots just lost. 

I'm not happy. 

I know, in my mind, that given all the injuries, and the whole 'Tight End Being Brought up on Murder Charges' before the season even started, that the Patriots over achieved by making it further than 28 other teams, but...it still sucks when your teams season is over.

Especially, when they have been good for so long.  I was born in New England, and so I cheered for the Patriots when they used to go back and forth between Tony Eason and Steve Grogan as quarterback.  I can't remember how that used to feel though.  For most of my adult life, the Patriots have been competitive.  We have gone into each of the last 13 years KNOWING they will make the post season, and have at least a chance of competing for the Championship. 

That window is closing.  Tom Terrific missed a few throws today, and he has missed a few long throws the last year or two.  The whole 'Danny Amendola can replace Wes Welker' thing was a disaster.  Amendola had ZERO catches in the AFC Championship game today.  I think the Patriots go into the off season NEEDING to go make a move for a Big Time wide receiver.  Gronkowski is now an injury risk.  You need to think of the time he is a playing as a bonus...but you almost can't count on him anymore.  I just looked at the names in Free Agency...and there isn't much GREAT out there, so they might even need to look into making a trade.

I think the defense, with Mayo and Wilfork back, will be fine.  Yeah...they just got lit up by Peyton Manning, but so did everyone.  A couple of good young players got a lot of playing time, and got to learn a things or two.

Well, at least now I can avoid arguments with my co-workers by cheering for the Seahawks. 

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