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What are you gonna do?

Early this morning, I was woken up by the sound of hail beating off the metal roof of my carport, about 10 feet from my bedroom window.  This was followed by some thunder, and flashes of lightening(well, reverse the order).  Because I'm a freak and we get damn few lightening storms in the Tri-Cities, I threw on my shoes and headed out to the back porch to enjoy it. 

It was a fast moving cell, and most of the excitement was done in 10 minutes, and you could see stars again in about 20 minutes.  Since by this time, I was well and truly awake at 4:15, I decided to be productive, and fired up the over to get some baking done before it got too hot for the day.  My goal?  Brigid's Guinness Molasses Cake.

So...the cake is done and cooling.  I'll probably make the topping here in a bit, and throw the whole thing in the refrigerator until later...or, I could just cover the cake, and make up the topping right before serving. I really haven't decided yet.  You see, I've got another problem to deal with.

I bought everything to make this recipe earlier in the week, and was just waiting for a window.  So...I bought a 22 ounce bottle of Guinness...and the recipe only calls for a cup.  What do with a left over half-bottle of Guinness at 4:30AM?

Trick question...a half-bottle of Guinness is never 'left-over'...you can do the same thing with it you would any other time of day...and it's looking like it might be a good one, but at least I started it right. 

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