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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

A deep sigh of relief went out on the internet today with the word that Hostess Twinkies will begin showing up on shelves again on July 15th.

Whatever...I don't have anything against Hostess or their Twinkies...I'm just not a huge fan of them.  The fact is, despite the evidence my waistline provides, I am not that big of a fan of 'snack cakes' in general.  I would rather have a 2nd helping of steak, or another burger, than a Twinkie or a Ho-ho. 

There is an exception to the rule, that being Funny Bones, made by Drakes.  Picture a Twinkie...but it has chocolate sponge cake instead of yellow, and then it is filled with a peanut butter cream, in stead of the white whipped cream.  Finally, the whole thing is dipped in chocolate...and yeah...they are good.  Luckily, Drakes is an East Coast brand, and I am in the interior Northwest, which means that temptation rarely comes calling. 

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