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And so the battle shifts.

With any attempts at increased gun control(specifically, increased background checks) being soundly defeated in the State Legislature this session, the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility introduced a new initiative this week to bring background checks back up to the legislature, or the voters themselves.

The first step is collecting signatures.  If they get the signatures of 246,000 registered voters, than the initiative will be discussed at the 2014 Legislative session.  If the Legislature does not take action on it, than it will end on the statewide ballot in the fall of 2014.

I do not think they are going to have trouble getting the 246,000 signatures.  Heck...they will probably get those from the I-5 corridor alone, and there isn't much that can be done to stop it.  You can't picket the folks who gather signatures, or really mess with them in anyway. 

Likewise, as easily little progress as any gun control bills made in the Legislature last year, I don't see the Legislature rushing to act on it next session, meaning we are most likely heading for a showdown on the state ballot next fall.  In that case, there will be money spent, and we should be thankful it's an off year election...this one might come down to 'who gets out the vote'.

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