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She's strange, but she's mine.

Today we had my daughters 11th Birthday Party.  When we asked what kind of 'theme' she wanted for birthday, she said she wanted a Big Foot party. 

My daughter is a very...focused person.  When she finds something that interests her, she is single-minded to the point of obsessive.  A few months ago, she caught a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, and that was it. I think I convinced her that 'Bigfoot Hunter' is not a very lucrative career choice, but she still spends over half the 4 hour drive to my mom's house gazing out at the Cascade's hoping to see a Sasquatch. 

Now...I'm not here to debate the potential reality of Bigfoot.  As someone who spends days at a time in the woods unable to find a legal deer or elk, I'm open minded about the difficulty of finding something that doesn't want to be found in the woods.

But...how does one do a 'bigfoot' Birthday Party?  There aren't a lot of Bigfoot balloons or paper plates.

Luckily, my daughter is pretty low maintenance and easy to please.  A bunch of furry chocolate cup cakes(with an oreo hidden in it) shaped like a bigfoot foot mold, and some presents.

It was a good day...and even better, due to scheduling, her real birthday is not until next week, so I didn't need the spend the day feeling all old and decrepit that my baby is turning 11.  

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  1. She sounds perfectly healthy and inquisitive to me! Oh, she'll get over big foot, after a bit. But there are... other things out there. Warn her to be careful what she seeks though. What you seek will probably see you first. And once you see it, if you find it, it won't so easily go away. (That makes for a good spook story, too.)