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Between the Buns

A while ago, a new hot dog joint opened up in the Tri-Cities. Through one of her social circles, my wife knows one of the owners, and so, we put it on our list of places to try 'sooner or later', but with it being ALL THE WAY OVER IN KENNEWICK(meaning 15+ minutes of drive time!), we needed the right opportunity.  The garage where my truck has been getting fixed(more on that expensive lesson to follow) is in Kennewick, so after hitting the first day of the Richland Farmers Market, we headed to Kennewick to get my truck, and have some lunch.

Let me start by saying that today, at Between the Buns, I had two of the best hot dogs I have ever had in my life. 

You can build your own, or they can build your own.  Building your own can be a confusing process, since the have 9 sausage/dog choices(Pork or beef dogs, smoked chicken sausage, spicy Italian sausage, mild or hot German sausage, Polish Sausage, a bacon wrapped beef dog, and for the sicko's out there, a veggie dog), 3 bun choices, and about 20 toppings available free, with a few that cost extra(bacon, chili, nacho cheese, mac and cheese, slaw). 

Rather than deal with that, we ordered off the 'signature' menu, with my wife getting their Authentic Chicago Dog, and me getting both the Chees-aholic(cream cheese, nacho cheese, shredded cheese with bacon on a pork dog(add some pepperoncinis please) AND the wobbi-dog(bacon and peanut butter on a Polish Sausage). 

For the record, that is a 'touch of bacon' on the cheese dog. 

Hey...they were good hot dogs.  I have previously had a peanut butter bacon cheeseburger, so I know as strange as it sounds, it is a taste that goes good together,  I have never had a place ask me if I want creamy OR crunchy peanut butter though(O went with crunchy).  That is tip top.

I probably didn't need two dogs, but then again, I didn't eat two dogs.  The peanut butter bacon dog got passed around the table a bit with everyone agreeing it was tasty, tasty, tasty.

My wife was also very pleased with her dog, and I'll admit it was aesthetically more pleasing than mine.

The only thing she didn't like were the 'authentic Chicago Sport Peppers' that came on it.  They had more than a bit of heat to them.

Let's see...food aside, the folks working there were great.  Very good customer service, clean and neat looking inside, and the price was pretty fair.  I want to say it $24 for two kids meals, three dogs, two sodas, and a side of fries that my wife and I spilt.  My family can't get out of a fast food place for less than that anymore. 

We will certainly start finding more excuses to end up in Kennewick again(just as long it's not more repairs to the F-150.) 

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