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Summer is a state of mind...

While the temperature the last few days has been very pleasant(78-83ish), real summer is there, crouching at the doorstep. 

In the interest of sticking our toungue out at summer one last time, while my wife is hiding at the Washington Homeschool Organization Convention half a state away, I convinced the girls that we should hop in the truck and drive up to Chinook Pass so we could play in the snow.

Or rather, the ice.  It's hard to call what is left up there snow.  It's certainly not something you are going to lay down on and make snow angels, despite at least 3 requests for permission to do so.

Now, before you go calling CPS, yes, I know my daughters are in shorts/capri's.  Air temp up at the pass was right around 60 degrees.  Since I denied requests for snow angels, and required spare socks be packed, any chance of colds were averted once we got back in the truck.  As much as I am getting used to the 64 shades of brown and tan here in Eastern Washington, green and white will usually do it for me too.

On the way home, I took a quick detour up Bethel Ridge, where I usually do my elk hunting.  I thought the girls might enjoy a quick little nature walk that didn't leave their feet cold.  Despite many fields still being full of dainty little wildflowers, what caught and held their attention the most was this:
Even without my wife there, I was able to figure out the correct answer when the girls asked if they could pick it up to pose with it. 
Luckily, I had had practice from the snow angels question.

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  1. Fantastic. I'm a snow-man myself, well, but I do like the green that grows there too.

    And... boy does she have you trained! Oh, no, no fuss. I... mostly agree. It's just, without some due diligent training, I would most likely not only let them play with it, I'd play myself. Just... well... Even if I know you, and she, are right... not 'teh point(tm)'. Good show... plus evidence and disappointed witnesses!