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Ready to start scouting!

Came home to an e-mail from The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife today saying that results from Special Hunt Drawings were in, and posted on the Department's website.  With as little restraint as a kid on Christmas morning, I was on the Department of Wildlife's website, punching in my ID number. 

The bad news is that I didn't get selected for any of my elk applications, but after being drawn for(and wasting) a cow elk tag last year, it would have been a minor mathematical miracle for me to be selected again this year.

The good news is that I was selected for a muzzle loader doe tag in the Paterson Unit of the Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge, down on the Columbia River.  It's not a big are...maybe 6 square miles, but there are only 10 tags issued, so, there shouldn't be too much competition. 

In even better news, I drew a second doe tag for the Pomeroy area, which is the same unit I got this doe last season

Might not get any big antlers that the wife might not let me put on the wall, but if I can get 100 pounds of tender doe in the freezer, that would be a better than even trade off. 

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