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Curse you, restraint!

A few days ago, Commander Zero threw up a post about an interesting piece of gear, the Grabber Outdoors Space Brand All Weather Blanket. Normally in the $19 range he noticed that price had dropped to $10, and was nice enough to share that information. 

Not knowing what I was exactly was getting into, but being forever unable to resist any kind of sweet deal, I made an impulse buy before leaving for work Tuesday, ordering 4 of them. 

Because the internet is amazing, and we live in a world of impressive convenience(despite my complaning at least once a week about how bad the world is) my shipment of 4 was waiting for me Friday afternoon.

Man...I wish I had ordered 8-10 of them instead of just 10.  These things seems like they have the potential to be highly useful, doing the job of several pieces of equipment.  They are waterproof, so they would make a great rain parka.  They are lined with the same reflective aluminum material that many 'emergency blankets/bivy sacks' are made of...but it is much sturdier than most of those items. Finally, because it surprised me by coming with grommets reinforced in the four corners, you could use it as you would a tarp, either as ground cover, or as waterproof covering for a shelter.

Now...don't get me wrong...it's not a tarp...but it is tarp like.  I'm not going to use it to strap down a load of scrap wood or metal in the back of my truck, but, I'm not terrified to unfold it and play with it like those other emergency blankets. 

One thing I did notice...unlike the one on Amazon which is listed as 5x7 feet, my packaging says the one I have is 6x6.  I'm not sure it makes a huge difference...it's plenty roomy.  I think if I was caught in a downpour, I could see myself holing up, and wearing this over my outer-clothing AND a backpack.

The only thing this blanket/parka/tarp is NOT, is quiet.  It is not something you want to be wearing if you are trying to sneak past an enemy sentry.

I just wish I had bought twice as many of them...one for each back pack, one for each car, and a few extras.


  1. Picked up a couple back when he first reviewed them. Wish I had the spare $ to pick up a few when they went on sale like that......we've got one in each car and in each backpack as it is though.....