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It seemed like such a good idea.

Wanting to do something special for the girls, but having a full day on tap tomorrow, I decided to whip them up some 'heart pancakes'.  I made up a batch of peanut-butter pancake batter, and then pulled half of it out, and added some red food coloring to get it a nice color.

Lesson one: batter that looks almost red inside a WHITE bowl looks a very light pink when it is cooked. 

Lesson two: if all you have are PLASTIC cookie cutters, you SHOULD NOT plan on placing them on the skillet and using them as a template for heart-shaped pancakes.  Luckily, I figured this one out early on before I ended up with melted plastic all over my skillet.

So...in the end, instead of nice white and red heart shaped pancakes for this girls, I made round pancakes that where beige and slightly pink beige, and then used the cookie cutters to shape them.

This picture is probably not going on pinterest....although, the girls loved the pancakes. 

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  1. Due to a slightly cooler than normal skillet and some self rising flour that needed some viagra we ad the pancakes "that would not be named". My husband said "you know they're bad when you won't take a photo of them. Still, even crepe like, they were tasty. Yours looked really cute and I get they loved them.