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There is always checkers.

Earlier today, my wife and I were playing the 'what do you have/want to do today?'...and neither of us really had anything special planned...but we both knew we didn't want to not leave the house all day...so in a moment of inspiration, I suggested we go to lunch, and then go bowling. 

For lunch, we decided to go check out a local Thai place that we had never eaten at, but that we had been hearing good things about for a while.  I figured for a first visit, if things weren't good, then lunch would be a less expensive mistake than dinner. 

We needn't have worried...I thought lunch was pretty good.  The Emerald of Siam does a lunch buffet 5 days a week...and my wife actually liked the fact that each day, there is something different in the buffet line...AND there were times that the trays went empty, and you had to wait for a fresh batch of food to get cooked.  My wife tends to be fairly untrusting of buffet's in general...I think it is the nurse in her. 

I'm just not sure how big a fan of Thai food the kids are...the general conclusion from them was that while it was nice to have clear sinuses, they thought the food was a tad bit spicy. 

At the bowling alley...things weren't much better.  None of us is really what you would call a 'bowler'...it's the kind of thing we do on days we are bored, maybe every 9-12 months.  I almost broke 150...I got a 149, which I'm pretty sure is still my personal best.  The girls...well, luckily they tied so neither one of them finished last. 

We only played one game before deciding that the arcade might be more our style...but I can't say that the time was wasted, because we did get this sweet picture of my wife and her mini-me.

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