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Through the magic of Netflix, my wife and I have recently started re-watching Friends...and I've got to tell you, it's an interesting experience revisiting something like Friends 8-10(wait a minute...that can't be right)...20 years! later.  1994 was 20+ years AGO??!?!?!?

Wow...that's a conversation for another time, I guess.

Anyway...Friends.  Watching that first season(might not be 'again'...I'm not sure I watched Season 1 of Friends) is kind of tough.  It's like they were trying to stuff these characters down your throat...'Look, Rachel is a spoiled rich girl who doesn't know how to make coffee, but works in a coffee shop!'.  Watch us force feed Chandler one-liners because he's the funny one!  Phoebe is SOOOOO kooky, and Joey...he's a well meaning sweet hearted man-whore! 

Even worse though is the laugh tracks...very over the top.  The laughter doesn't feel that forced on more modern comedies like 'New Girl' or 'How I Met Your Mother'. 

One the positive side though...all respect to currently 46-year old Jennifer Aniston, who is aging beautifully, but...good gravy, I forgot what a stone-cold fox 27-28 year old Jennifer Aniston was...and those short, short skirts and short sets they had her wearing all the time...hubba hubba.

Even more impressive/surprising, is Courteney Cox...who is 5 years older than Jennifer, and has aged 5 more years since the show...but dang...there were a few years, like seasons 2-4, where she was just as pretty, if not prettier than, Jennifer Aniston.

And Lisa Kudrow was not bad looking either...

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