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Any excuse for cookies.

Way back in the summer, my wife took advantage of the price of peaches to pick up a few 25 pound boxes, but then because of 'life', a few things came up before we got the chance to can them...so instead we chopped them up and threw some of them in a couple of gallon bags in the freezer. 

Now, we need something to do with those frozen peaches...and at the same time, I was in the mood for peaches, so why not combine those two things.  While I found quite a few recipes that called for 'dried peaches', recipes calling for fresh(or frozen) peaches were tougher to come buy...but I did find one that looked promising. 

Peach Drop Cookies

They came out really good, and I liked them.  Instead of peach preserves, I used some nectarine jam...close enough.  Since I am a big fan of 'soft' cookies, these were right up my alley...melt in your mouth soft. 

The only thing I might try different next time is subbing out some of the flour for some oats...maybe play up the 'peach cobbler' feel.  Also, on one of the batches, I gave a second sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar once the cookies came out of the oven...and that was a nice touch.

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