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Pleasure before business, before pleasure

Usually on weekend, I try to 'front-load' my schedule...get all the chores out of the way Friday/Saturday so I can do some guilt free lounging.  This weekend, I shook thing up a bit.  With the Super Bowl not starting here until 3:30 in the afternoon, and me having no real interest in watching 5 hours of pre-game coverage(especially not because I have been watching the sports shows all week already), I purposefully saved a bunch of things to do today.

That meant I had to find something to do on Saturday, and taking my wife out for a Wine Tasting date sounded like fun, especially because even though we are already deep in the heart of Washington Wine Country(something like 130 wineries between Yakima and Walla Walla), new ones are opening every day, so yesterday, we made an effort to visit some of the new/smaller ones.

A new one we are going to keep an eye on is Tucannon Cellars, who had some great wines...and, while they weren't cheap, they didn't cost quite as much as other 'boutique' wineries, especially with the 20% off a half-case special.  My wife even struck up a conversation with the owner, and offered to help with an upcoming bottling run. 

After hitting 4 wineries, my wife finally cried mercy, and begged me to take her to lunch.  Probably did that in the wrong order. 
Still...it was a good time, and getting to enjoy lunch with my wife was a nice end to the date.
This morning, it was work, work, work....go to the gym, clean the chicken coop, make a dump run, and make up some baked ziti to enjoy for dinner during this little football game scheduled for this evening.

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