Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Well, now I wish I had gone!

Over the weekend, my wife and kids went to a 'Family Expo' at the local convention center.  I passed on going, since I had to stay home and clean the chicken coop, which is kind of like the clich√© 'I need to wash my hair excuse' that women always used to give in movies when they were asked out on a date.

While the 'Family Expo' was your expected collection of dentists, orthodontist, chiropractors, and doctor's clinics, and dance studios, and the Boys and Girls Club, and insurance companies, and a home safety booth run by the Fire Department., and there were plenty of freebies to be found(pretty sure they came home with a 2-year supply of free toothbrushes and chapstick)....I didn't know the Reptile Guy was going to be there, letting people pose!

Talk about jealous!


My wife said that that baby alligator was as snuggly as any cat she had every gotten to hold, and she would be WAY more likely to let me get a baby gator now than a ferret. 

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