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Ummm...that is the OPPOSITE of news.

For some reason, the instructor for my aqua aerobics class didn't show up this morning, so, I had to find something else to do, meaning I ended up on an elliptical machine in the 'Cardio Theater' for 40 minutes. 

My machine was located between two TV's...one of them showing ESPN News, and the other tuned to CNN.  Since I hadn't planned on jumping on a machine, I didn't have my ear buds, so I was stuck trying to read the closed captioning and banners scrolling across the screen. 

Except, nothing ever scrolled on CNN...they had one story on the screen the whole time...the announcement that Mitt Romney has decided he is NOT going to run for President in 2016. 

For over 40 minutes...40 STRAIGHT minutes...that was the only banner on CNN. 

Really?  40 minutes focused on a 'negative news' story? 

I focused most of my attention on ESPN News. 

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